We come together from diverse traditions as a welcoming, religious community with shared values, seeking spiritual growth, lifelong religious education, and fellowship. We strive to promote justice, acceptance, and compassion in the world.

Please watch a short video (follow this link) and listen to some of our members talking about our congregation.


Join us at 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings
, at our new church in Housatonic, 1089 Main St. Housatonic, Great Barrington, MA.

Map and Directions to our Housatonic church.  



April 5  – "Rising Green”  –  Rev. Carol Allman-Morton  –  Today we will celebrate the beginning of Spring and honor the Easter and Passover holidays.  Egg hunt after worship!  –  Music: Lee Dixon, Cardinale Montano and Alex Thorp.

April 12  –  "We Belong to Each Other"  –  Justine Sullivan  –  Individual liberty is a corner stone of our nation’s laws and customs, and it is a cherished component of our Unitarian Universalist faith, as well. We are each called to find our own path, to engage in our own search for what is right and true.  And yet, we are also meant to be in community, part of what Martin Luther King called, “an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.”  Can we have both: independence and mutuality, liberty and love?  Come join in this conversation with Clara Barton District President Justine Sullivan.  Justine is a member of the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Northborough, Massachusetts, where she lives with her spouse Dale.  In September of 2013, she entered seminary at Meadville Lombard Theological School in pursuit of a Master of Divinity and hopes to be ordained as a UU Minister.  –  Music: Marian Rose, piano.

April 19  –  “Shh ...”  –  Rev. Carol Allman-Morton  –  Today in words and in deed we will talk about the power of quiet and contemplation, as well as have more time in the service for quiet meditation and reflection than the average Sunday.  –  Music:  Lisa Maras, piano.

April 26  –  "Educate a Girl, Change a Life Forever"  –  Ricky Bernstein  –  Ricky Bernstein is a full-time visual artist and UUMSB member since our beginning days in Great Barrington.  He's traveled to Nepal each year for the past 25 to make home and school visits as the Director of Hands in Outreach, a small non-profit literacy program for very poor girls.  –  Music:  Lisa Maras, piano.  Share the Plate:  Hands in Outreach.



3rd Friday Gatherings

The Membership and Growth Committee is sponsoring 3rd Friday Gatherings providing entertainment, timely discussions or pot luck dinners for both our congregation and the community. Follow this link for schedule and details.

Film Screenings and Discussions

Multicultural BRIDGE is presenting film screenings and discussions in April and May for the documentaries The Fix (5/3, 5/5) and The Anonymous People (4/27, 5/8).  Follow this link for schedule and details.

New page on our website

Check out our new external links page for information (websites, video links) on various organizations and inititatives, such as UUA, UU Mass Action, UU Service Committee, Standing on the Side of Love.


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