We come together from diverse traditions as a welcoming, religious community with shared values, seeking spiritual growth, lifelong religious education, and fellowship. We strive to promote justice, acceptance, and compassion in the world.

Please watch a short video (follow this link) and listen to some of our members talking about our congregation.


Join us at 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings
, at our new church in Housatonic, 1089 Main St. Housatonic, Great Barrington, MA.

Map and Directions to our Housatonic church.  



May 29 – "My Darling" – Rev. Ian White Maher – Rev. Ian White Maher was raised UU in Portsmouth, NH. He hosts two podcasts exploring the devotional life (Meditations by Ian White Maher and My Darling: Exploration of Devotion.) You can find his work at www.ianwhitemaher.com. – Music: Ed Chastain and Marian Rose.

June 5  –  "Always More to Learn"  –  Rev. Carol Allman-Morton – Join us today as we thank our Lifespan Faith Development volunteers, our children and youth, and all those who participate in building our thoughtful, spiritual community (hint… that is all of you!). We will be launching our new Lifespan Faith Development program the following Sunday, so join us for this marking of the transition. Intergenerational worship!  Music:  Fiora Caligiuri-Randall and Marian Rose.  Share the Plate:  Multicultural Bridge.

June 12  –  "tba" – Michaela Romano-Meade  –  Michaela Romano-Meade is our congregation's ministerial intern and is completing her studies at Andover Newton Seminary.  –  Music:  Ron Hanft, organ.

June 19  –  "Lighten Up"  –  Rev. Carol Allman-Morton  – It is (almost) Summer Solstice, and the longest day of the year – a great time to get outside. Let’s talk about play and spiritual health! This will also be our Flower Communion Sunday. We are all invited to bring a flower to worship (from your garden, the side of the road, a wildflower from the parking lot…) to create a gorgeous bouquet at the front of the church. At the end of the service we will bring home a flower shared by someone else. This tradition was brought to the United States in 1940 from the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia. This simple service of sharing is a favorite of Unitarian Universalists around the world!  –  Music: Hilda Banks Shapiro, piano;  UUMSB Choir.

June 26  –  "What does your future hold?"  –  Ron Dlugosz  –  Ron Dlugosz is a longtime friend and past president of the congregation. He is currently a consultant to Good Judgment Inc. as a geopolitical forecaster.  –  Music:  Al Thorpe and Marian Rose.




3rd Friday Gatherings

The Membership and Growth Committee is sponsoring 3rd Friday Gatherings providing entertainment, timely discussions or pot luck dinners for both our congregation and the community. Follow this link for schedule and details.

Game Night!  Friday, July 20 at 7 p.m.

Board and card games for all ages! Follow this link for details.

ACT NOW! July 18-22 in G. Barrington

Girls!  Star in your own movie this summer!  Follow this link for details.

New page on our website

Check out our new external links page for information (websites, video links) on various organizations and inititatives, such as UUA, UU Mass Action, UU Service Committee, Standing on the Side of Love.


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