August 6 – “MITAKOYE OYACIN (Lakota for ‘We ALL Are Related’)” Fidel Moreno. Fidel identifies as Huichol, Chichimeca and Mexican American. Long time water protector and activist, Fidel is a traditional singer and ceremonialist, as well as an award-winning film producer. Share the Plate with Berkshire Natural Resources Council. Music: Ron Hanft, organ

August 13 – “Living Creatively” Lana Bennett & Marion Jansen. Lana and Marion are members of UUMSB and both have been involved in many creative endeavors. Music: Marion Rose, piano and Ed Chastain, guitar

August 20 – “Hopeful Hullabaloo” Rev. Kathy Duhon. Continuing her sermon series on faith, hope, love and joy, Kathy will explore some of our Universalist tradition that exalted hope and also play with the wisdom from world religions and from leaders of our world. Be prepared to hear a hullabaloo of hope! Music: Hilda Banks Shapiro, piano

August 27 – “Understanding White Supremacy Culture” Ken Wagner. Ken Wagner is the president of the UU Allies for Racial Equity and has conducted anti-racism Sunday services throughout New England and other parts of the country over the last ten years. He has led workshops (of both one day and many over an 8 weeks period) focused on the examination of race and the impact of white supremacy on our lives to over 20 congregations in New England, at the UUA GA, and at District and Regional gatherings across the country. Music: Marion Rose, piano