If you have any pastoral concerns, please call Rev. Carol to set up an appointment. She is available to meet on Sundays and weeknights in person, or by phone any time: 413-717-5097 or callmanmorton@gmail.com. You can also reach out to our Caring Committee.

The Caring Committee, a part of the Membership and Growth Committee, coordinates and delivers caring services to members experiencing difficulties. We are available for anyone needing assistance in life or family situations that come to everyone from time to time. Our committee finds volunteers from the congregation to help provide visits, food, transportation, and other services, depending on the situation. Whether you or someone you know may need information, encouragement, a hand or a ride, please call:

Valerie Bluhm (413) 394-4309
Zoe Dalheim (413) 243-3617
Phlox Laucher (413) 281-8351
Sharon Meyer (413) 528-0956
Sue Montague (518) 321-5102