It is possible to participate in the life of the Unitarian Universalist Meeting of South Berkshire without becoming a member.  Many people, especially some of our summer friends, choose not to become officially a member, even though they often donate generously to the community of the their time and talents.  However, there are some great benefits to becoming an official member of the congregation. Membership is a commitment to the covenant of the community, to shaping the future of the congregation, and to participating in decisions that we will make together in community.  Membership is also an opportunity to deepen your relationship to the community through reflection and intention.

A Path to Membership

If you are new to, and excited about our community, we encourage you to get involved. Come to worship and events, sit in on a committee meeting, have coffee with folks, meet with the minister.  We offer Enquirers classes each season to learn more about Unitarian Universalism and our congregation in particular. Our Second Sunday School meets each month and is a great way to learn more about our UU Principles, and to meet more people in the congregation.

Membership at UUMSB:

A Meeting with the Minister:

Before signing the membership book, each person will have a private meeting with the minister to talk about the community and answer any questions.


We ask that each member help on Sunday mornings through assisting with greeting/ushering, lighting the chalice, and helping with refreshments. We create a calendar each June for the next year, assigning members to certain weeks, usually about 3 times per year.  We ask that people work together to make any necessary changes to accommodate vacations, or preference for any certain tasks.

Members are eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees and the Nominating and Leadership Development committee.


Pledging is not required for membership in our congregation. We are very grateful for the financial contributions of our members and friends. Our budget is fully funded by gifts from our members. We send a per member fee to our Unitarian Universalist Association each year to support the programs of the larger denomination. We are a “fair share” congregation, meaning that we pay the full amount asked per member to the UUA. In addition to supporting larger Unitarian Universalism, this helps us to be eligible for services like the “first time homebuyer grant” that helped us to purchase our church home. To learn more about how the finances of UUMSB work, or to talk with someone on the Stewardship Committee about your pledge, please be in touch.

We are also very grateful for all the members and friends in our community to give of themselves through donations of time and money to partner organizations throughout the year, those who serve on committees of the congregation, and who show up to help rake leaves, dust pews, and paint shingles throughout the year to maintain our building. If you are interested in being more involved in the congregation, talk with anyone on the membership committee, the leadership development committee, or our minister and they can help you find the right place to bring your talents.